Tuesday, 4 August 2015

5.8.45.Sunday. Day of heavy showers. Church cancelled for flooded hall. Porridge breakfast, rice & greens tiffin & rice & pot tea. Easier day in the store & managed to get the afternoon clear & play two games of chess with Jack4 – one of which I actually won. Very little news percolating through these days. Various details of new Labour Government, daily heavy raids in Japan, & end of Potsdam conference. I feel though that this very one sided war can’t go on a long time, but they are difficult to get at. The camp is simply lousy with Yen by sale of various clothing & treasures, but price of beans etc is naturally rising all the time too. Communication with the other camp is fairly free, people visit one another in the evenings quite a bit – often with the knowledge of the sentries.

            4.Jack Wilson HKVDC, an old friend.


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