Friday, 21 August 2015

22.8.45. Fine day. Porridge & milk & sugar breakfast, tiffin rice & greens, & a chow fan of rice sweet potato & onion for tea. Quite good, but it is noteworthy that Pete’s girl who shared his with him thought it was awful – which is a good commentary on what our food generally has been, as people outside have found it very hard to eke out a living. Wireless news told of arrangements for minesweeping in ports from Japan to Penang & including H.Kong & also for the dropping of supplies of food, medicines & even medical personnel on POW camps on 25th inst. I wasn’t clear whether this latter applied outside Mountbatten’s area. I developed my first catarrh & cold in years today & consequently didn’t enjoy the concert that John Jones took me to. People who went to Stanley today enjoyed themselves, & came back full of enthusiasm, & I got quite a long chit from John.

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