Tuesday, 25 August 2015

26.8.45.Sunday. Dull day, some rain but tending to clear. Porridge sugar & oil for breakfast, some fresh meat & veg stew for tiffin, so I forsook rice, thank goodness, & had a slice of white bread with the stew. Meat & sweet potato fried with rice & issued as a very nice chow fan for tea & sweet camp cake for supper. A plane came over during the morning & we stood by for parachute supplies. But the ceiling was low & nothing further happened. Later we heard an Aussie broadcast that supplies had been dropped today. Anyhow we expect the real stuff tomorrow. St Teresa's has been taken over as a hospital for the Indians, who are being concentrated in the old Indian Camp including those who worked for the Japs. Wing Commander Sullivan is, I hear, to take over Kai Tak tomorrow. Issue of 2oz of butter today sent in by the contractor. Pre-war stuff I suppose, certainly Australian tins. Had a long talk with Loyd Jones in the evening. He is not too well in the tummy for the moment. One of the S&S Home billiard markers turned up today & saw LJ & Arthur Brown – so he has been given the job of doing what he can to keep an eye on the place pro-tem. Wonderful how they manage to turn up. Already we have trouble in the camp. Five people have got VD after visits after dark just outside the wire. Just mad I suppose.

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