Saturday, 29 August 2015

30.8.45. Some showers. Porridge breakfast, meat & veg stew for tiffin & a fresh meat hash for tea. Issues of a peg of brandy & two of sherry, cigarettes, the food included in the parachute supplies, butter & jam today which made a long & very busy day at the end of which I was quite exhausted. The fleet came in alright though we couldn’t see it. Admiral Harcourt visited the camp in the afternoon & there was a fine occasion when he made a little speech saying that it has been a big task of reorganisation to switch all the dispositions in the Pacific suddenly from a contemplated attack on Japan to the reoccupation of our possessions in the Far East. All the Canadians were invited on board the Prince Robert of the Canadian Navy & several people managed to contact various marines in town, & ships. We soon heard there had been a little resistance at the Naval Yard & at Butterfield & Swire’s office, with our men overcoming them with bayonets & hand grenades. So at last we are back here and I long to see the Anson – a symbol of our release & security. Got my first Gold Flake cigarette as a present from the Admiral – & I wouldn’t have chosen any other. Lots of whisky & booze generally found its way into camp tonight & I had two pegs – feeling quite dog tired. Skinner19 leaves camp tomorrow morning for the Bank – to live at Church Guest House. Various people are getting out similarly, for essential service work. Some other people are full of criticism that not enough of our forces are landed – though they don’t really know how many are. I am a little tired of hearing people who think the whole thing should be run only with regard to their particular private circumstances. In any case they ought to have confidence that our people know why they are here, & what to do if the situation changes. Gosh I was tired tonight – quite exhausted.

            19.Fellow HKVDC batman.

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