Thursday, 27 August 2015

28.8.45. Humid day. Porridge sugar & oil breakfast, grand meat stew for tiffin, & fried steak for tea. I got an extra one for supper too with fried sweet potatoes. Various things came in today. Issues of 2oz butter, a fandacio, a towel of the same material, a pencil & two boxes of matches – welcome little strangers. Additionally we got a fluid ounce of both brandy & gin each from the Japs as a present. Little but good. Still more fresh meat came in. We are feeding quite well & I am already putting on weight quite noticeably. My stomach has taken everything without rebellion so far. Two heavy planes came over at mid-day & we stood by for parachute supplies – but nothing doing. At tea time two fighters gave us a thrill by coming very low over the camp. We cheered & signalled. The Colonial Secretary (Acting Governor) broadcast over the local radio this evening; congratulated the King & the forces; said he was taking over in collaboration with the Japanese, & said he was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the relieving forces as there were local problems particularly currency. Lots of news & lots of talk. Evening with Jones & Dick. Our own fresh roasted & ground coffee beans make good drinks of that beverage. Every Tom Dick & Harry taking down particulars of whether we want to stay in Colony, occupation etc. Peace has brought the typewriters into action again & Camp Office is pushing out reams of typed stuff.

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