Sunday, 16 August 2015

17.8.45. Fine warm day. We awoke to a different reveille call this morning & had breakfast of porridge as usual. It is said that today’s paper reports that “three ships” will arrive today. Major Boon of the other camp was arrested & brought over today. If the Canadian Officers & the other camp get their way he will face very serious charges indeed. Funny story of Kiteyama & Sgt Nakamatsu coming to Col White & after mentioning that they understood Nomura was not wanted here Kiteyama asked about his own position. Told that he could come in & out whenever he liked, Nakamatsu nudged him to put in a word for him too. So he too was told the same thing in Col White’s bluff way & both, more or less holding hands, departed down the road with broad smiles. As it should be I think. This morning fires were started up to burn rubbish & old odds & ends of clothing etc. Chinese kiddies collected at the wire by Cheungshawan as of old & it was good to hear their cries & chittering. They got several things thrown to them & wanted more. Poor little devils. Col White went out to see Col Tokunaga. Forbidden to go about in fandacio rig except when doing manual work. Had a pleasant tiffin with (& on) Charley Matthews, of rice & a stew he had made with a tin of bully, tin of beans & a little curry & bran & mint. Hammy & Pete completed the foursome. A Jap fighter flew over during the meal. It appears that Tokunaga wants to consider that we are still POW, & I suppose that from the point of view that they are responsible for us until we are handed over, he is correct. Anyhow I believe that both he & Honda are annoyed at our people for assuming control so soon. I think perhaps it would have been wiser if our CO had made his requests in a more diplomatic manner, asking for this & that whilst still acknowledging their position & responsibility. I think the sooner the relieving forces arrive, the better. Dick gave me a nice pair of woollen socks which he had knitted himself. Our first visitors from the outside world – two American Naval Officer prisoners – came into camp today. They were taken up the coast somewhere & don’t look well. They were taken out again & then returned to camp once more & put in hospital for rest & quiet. Enough good quality fine white sugar came in this afternoon to give a ration of 5½ ounces per head – & a promise of more to come. Also 300lbs of beans – the sight of which we are becoming sick of. Probably we shall get more European foods soon & oh boy are we longing for it. Officially told that Tokunaga has at last told them definitely that the war is over & that the armistice made with MacArthur ended the fighting in this part of the world at 3 o’clock this morning. Major Boon’s stooges in the other camp put into protective custody today & I understand they will be court martialled. Wing Commander Sullivan came along to tell me this morning that “he admired the way a man of your position & intelligence had done the work you have done for the camp”. I was glad of this & thanked him. After all I have done most kinds of work for them. They had all their farm pigs in a grand pork & bean stew this evening in the other camp. Hammy & I visited Joney & got a good portion from him – he being in the cookhouse. Then we were joined by Dick & had a small peg of real whisky & water. This was about a one third bottle of stuff that Hammy has kept as medical reserve throughout the whole imprisonment. It tasted fine. Late to bed & much later still to sleep. Still smoking at 2 o’clock actually. Alleged news that Kowloon is to be handed back to China & Hong Kong internationalised. Still no sign of relieving forces. Some sugar came in – 5½oz per head. The clothing store in the other camp was taken over & quite a lot of Red Cross shorts & shirts brought over.

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