Thursday, 13 August 2015

14.8.45. Very hot day. Porridge for breakfast. Tiffin of rice, an egg from Pete's parcel and my last Red Cross parcel tin of tomatoes. Good. Rice & a bean & greens pot for tea, & bean & rice cake for supper. This morning we were told that someone in the camp had got a written message from outside to the effect that Japan surrendered on 10th inst, Mikado thought to be dead, and Royal Navy expected here tomorrow. This message certainly came in. Some people are finding these few days a very severe strain on the nerves – they live from rumour to rumour & violently fluctuate in their beliefs. For instance if they hear a report of bombing in Japan on the 12th, they immediately lose faith in the peace report. One interesting bit in the paper today, other than some trifling war news from Manchuria, was that Chiang Kai Shek had ordered all Chungking & Yunnan troops to stand fast in their positions & to await further special orders. That sounds good anyway. Working parties today returned with similar stories as for the last few days. Personally I believe the war is over & if I am asked why we’ve seen no sign of a relieving force, well it is a big & complicated affair & takes time to arrange. The absolute quiet in the Colony persists. After all we would not expect them to come in & tell us honestly what has happened. The highlight today was that at the time of evening parade a roll of American toilet paper per man came in. Seen nothing like it since we became POW. Strangely bumf came into the canteen today at approx 25sen a sheet. The roll each, they had the cheek to say, was a three month’s supply. I incline to the view, on general principles, that we shall get Red Cross supplies for the relieving force to see when they arrive. Anyway whatever the war or peace situation may be, Col White gave orders today for our remaining two young pigs to be slaughtered for tomorrow’s stew. Alive they weighed 56 & 48 lbs. Also half a dozen non laying chickens. Furthermore tomorrow morning’s porridge will get a heavy increase in bean & bran content from the local Red Cross supplies we have in hand. Record low weight – I am only 115 lbs.



  1. A fascinating insight! My father was there too.

  2. Indeed he was - and he is mentioned in the Diary a number of times. We will sort out these references for you.

    1. That would be wonderful. My sister and I have been taking part in the VJ70 anniversary events in UK this weekend including a visit to the FEPOW memorial building at the National Memorial Arboretum

  3. If you would like to text a contact number to our little used mobile 07743915728 we will call you back to arrange