Sunday, 30 August 2015

31.8.45. Hot fine day. Planes on the go all the time & many of them. Good to think our men are overhead. I had an extremely loose bowel which kept me active all night & I feel very exhausted today & tried to rest a bit. No breakfast & no tiffin. Goodwin who escaped from here a little over a year ago is back with the forces & we have seen him. He will be looking after us I think. Many essential service people went out today including Cock & some of the telephone people. Some people visited ships in harbour & were well entertained. I got a Craven A Cigarette from the spoils they returned with. Various ships sent up odd amounts of tobacco & cigarettes. Rice to cookhouse is radically reduced. It is impossible to record details of various things. We live in a whirl of excitement. News by wireless, up to date magazines from the Fleet & newspapers are in. Freddie Franklin has got busy publishing the local rag – WE are in control again.


It was our original intention to run this blog for the month of August but, because of the interest shown, we think our followers may be interested in more than that so we will continue into September, until WS leaves Hong Kong and starts his journey home.


Anyone who is interested in what happened in Hong Kong during the War 1941-1945 should make a point of following Tony Banham’s Apart from being a veritable mine of information this website is friendly, easily accessible, interesting and interested.

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