Monday, 24 August 2015

25.8.45. Extremely heavy rain. Porridge sugar & oil breakfast, rice & greens tiffin, & rice & an ounce & half of butter issue for tea. I also had a fraction of a beef steak with two boiled Irish potatoes from Pete – a taste of what his girl, despite the weather, brought out to him. It was marvellous. Camp issue of a brew of coffee at 11 this morning. Excellent. Parcel of small white loaf & a tin of locally canned beef from Kwong Cheung Hing this evening. I went to the wire to see the pair of them – they were thinner but not much changed. They have all been through it one way & another. Terrible time in the store today with our very leaky roof. London wireless early this morning said we are due to have parachute supplies dropped here tomorrow. Certainly the Japanese have made a big POW mark on the ground near Jubilee Buildings. In the evening it was notified that people with relatives & friends in H.Kong & Kowloon would be allowed to visit them as from tomorrow, & organised walking parties would also be permitted. This was later whittled down so that, tomorrow at least, only 30 will go, only if they have real relatives & priority to those whose relatives are sick. Anyhow things are moving towards normality.

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