Sunday, 9 August 2015

10.8.45. Dull cool day. The “blow” is petering out at last. Porridge breakfast, rice & greens tiffin & rice & bean pot tea. By noon we all knew that Russia had invaded Manchuria at midnight 8/9th. I had a spoon of precious peanut oil with my tiffin to celebrate this additional promise of early release. Surely they will pack up soon. The implications of Russia's act for the future I can only guess, but I am tired of trying to think into the future of this rapidly changing world. Sufficient for me at the moment is the prospect of early release, return to civvies where I can count myself the equal of anybody I meet – & to home & Carrie & Jenifer. Received an unexpected few tins of oil from the Japanese this afternoon. First fruits? – & if so what comes next.

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