Monday, 14 September 2015

15.9.45. Fine-ish day & the mud caked harder. Four excellently fried eggs for breakfast, fried potato & porridge, bread & butter. Pork chops, veg, fruit coffee etc for tiffin & tinned stuff for supper. Had our interrogation as to place of capture, places & condition of imprisonment, & a description of any atrocities or cruelties we had actually witnessed. I hadn’t much to tell, but named Col Tokunaga, Nomura & Dr Saito. There are Australian & British women, flown out at high speed, helping in the canteen & doing a splendid job of work.  Saw Coates & Ellison, also Gregory & Tate of the Armoured Cars; Chopper Earnshaw who went with the GOC from Argyle St. They did not have the easy time in Formosa that we had all imagined. Evidently over there everybody from Generals down had to work. British staff said to have arrived to do the work here. More red tape is prophesied. Draft away today bound for San Francisco by American cruisers. Would like to be on my way too, well as they treat us here. Wonder what to take home for Jenifer – canteen girl recommends a doll, such being scarce at home – or a handbag. This camp sent clothing & stuff to the Empress today, so presumably the Stanley crowd are going on in her. Read that HK dollar is fixed at 1:3. Sat in the canteen awhile in the evening with Jumbo & Hobbs & Earnshaw & Chalky White.  I am not fond of noisy crowds though.

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