Sunday, 13 September 2015

14.9.45. (Early morning) Arrived at the camp about 2.30am. Marshalled & told by an Australian Officer that it was the aim to get people into this camp, processed & away in not more than six days. Tipped us off a few things, registered us, drew bedding, had a meal & into our tent by about 4am. Camp beds. It was all night service, God bless them. Up quite early to a good breakfast of real flapjacks & syrup, in a U.S. army mess tin. Nice hot water washing up arrangements in big drums over oil fires. This is an enormous camp, rough but tons of everything here. Met various chaps back from Japan – Hopkins, Needham & co. They had been flown out to Okinawa & then to here. All look reasonably fit now. I think after talking with many that the prisoners in Formosa had the poorest time. Some of them are still phenomenally thin. Poor devils. Challis & Dyson of the Middx are here, & it is thought Dick Overy died a fortnight before the Armistice. Heard George Angus died of malnutrition –  sorry for Hilda. They got lashings of supplies dropped in the Japan camps. Drew whacks of kit this morning lots of which will be useful in England. Cigarettes & cigars are issued daily. Surely we are in a land of plenty. Pork chops & veg & fruit, bread & butter for tiffin, & tinned beef & veg for supper. I find I can eat plenty without any sign of tummy or other trouble. Some are developing boils by the richness of the food. Organised medical examination this afternoon & I am quite OK thank goodness. Marked urgent for a new set of dentures. Examination was quite thorough. Fit to travel is the verdict. Wrote a note to Carrie for air mail. There are Australian nurses and women canteen workers here. They all work hard for us, & it is quite touching. Jap prisoners here working about the camp – well fed & well clothed & with real good tools for the jobs on which they are employed. So different to our case. Early to bed. Heavy rain at mid-day.

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