Friday, 11 September 2015

12.9.45. Dull rainy day. Excellent food all the time. Yesterday we drew £2 each & I find myself with a very mean attitude towards spending it. It is a “dry ship”, so I later stood John a bottle of lemonade & bought some ’baccy. Civilians moved up from E14 to C deck. Lucky beggars. Talking with many today – tired of hearing about camp life. Hate painted women with artificial expressions more than ever. All kinds of rumours as to where the ship is going & conditions under which we shall travel. Gives the gossipers plenty of scope. Wrote to Carrie & posted in Air Mail bag. Something will have to be done about the condition of the troop decks. They were filthy when we came on board & are getting worse. There is dirty water from the showers & the utensil wash-ups all over the place. Nothing on board apropos the demobilisation of we Volunteers.

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