Thursday, 10 September 2015

11.9.45. Fine day & we steamed away from H.Kong at breakfast time. Convoy of one cruiser, two transports & an Aircraft Carrier passed us going in. Looked good. Trying to get organised a bit. Very mixed company on board. Crude but good living. Breakfast of porridge, egg, scones, butter cheese in plenty. Tiffin of barley broth, meat stew & veg, stewed fruit & more scones cheese & lashings of butter. Good. But do we sweat down there with the ports closed. Issue of 20 Players, & soap & a bar of lovely frozen Rowntree’s Chocolate after tiffin. We are going to Manila – not at great speed. Saw Mrs Sandbach. She frankly said Ernest is staying behind a while to look out for Methodist property. He, she says, is the only one worrying as all the others, though they have each been on leave since Ernest came out, are just getting out on this boat. Lots of grousing about the accommodation, more particularly by the Civilians at E deck aft. Nobody worries about the poor old soldiers of course. They are born to take it, and sure do. Big chunk of a chicken for supper. I am sure I am putting on pounds in weight in spite of the cold, & the tummy seems to handle efficiently all I can cram into it. Good.

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