Wednesday, 9 September 2015

10.9.45. Up early & finished “packing”. Am ignoring the official advice not to take anything as “all will be supplied”. Helped myself therefore to three blankets & also took my camp bed. Good breakfast, saw Joney & at 9am sharp went by lorry to Stanley. Found out John is going in this ship. Saw the Gellings & they hope to be en route soon. All wish to be remembered to Carrie. We went on board HMAS “Broome”, a minesweeper. Excellent tiffin including my first roast potatoes. Bread butter & apples I enjoyed too. Stanley Bay looked fine with about five of these vessels riding at anchor. The crews worked hard for us, humping the Stanley baggage etc. We steamed round to the Empress of Australia in Junk Bay at tea-time & went on board. I was prepared for a rough voyage, & sure it is going so to be. “Berthed” in E12, troop deck. Really quite grim. Hammocks but precious little deck space to sleep out on. Good supper roughly served. Troops from S’suipo including Canadians are on board. Sweltering heat down below, but I stuck it out on the camp bed, which I am glad I brought. Very heavy catarrh & cold.

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